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Traffic Racer: A Free Download That Will Keep You on the Edge of Your Seat

Free Download Traffic Racer: A Guide to the Ultimate Arcade Racing Game

If you are looking for a fun and addictive racing game that will keep you entertained for hours, you should try Traffic Racer. This is a milestone in the genre of endless arcade racing, where you can drive your car through highway traffic, earn cash, upgrade your car and buy new ones. You can also compete with other players online and try to be one of the fastest drivers in the global leaderboards. In this article, we will show you how to download and play Traffic Racer on your device, as well as some tips and tricks to master the game. We will also introduce you to some alternatives to Traffic Racer that you might enjoy.

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What is Traffic Racer?

Traffic Racer is a game developed by SK Games, a Turkish indie game studio. It was released in 2012 for Android and iOS devices, and has since been downloaded over 100 million times. The game has received positive reviews from critics and users alike, who praised its stunning 3D graphics, smooth and realistic car handling, and variety of cars, environments, and game modes.

Features of Traffic Racer

Some of the features that make Traffic Racer stand out from other racing games are:

  • 40+ different cars to choose from, ranging from sedans, sports cars, trucks, buses, and SUVs. You can also customize your car with different paint colors and wheels.

  • 5 detailed environments to drive in, such as suburb, desert, snowy, rainy, and city night. Each environment has its own challenges and scenery.

  • 5 game modes to test your skills and have fun. You can play in Endless mode, where you drive as long as you can without crashing; Two-Way mode, where you drive in the opposite direction of the traffic; Time Trial mode, where you race against the clock; Police Chase mode, where you try to escape from the cops; and Free Ride mode, where you can drive freely without any rules or objectives.

  • Rich types of NPC traffic, including trucks, buses, SUVs, and other cars. You have to avoid them or overtake them closely to get bonus points and cash.

  • Online Leaderboards and Achievements, where you can compare your scores and achievements with other players around the world. You can also share your screenshots and videos of your best moments on social media.

How to download and play Traffic Racer on your device

Traffic Racer is available for free on Google Play Store for Android devices and on App Store for iOS devices. You can also play it on your PC or Mac by using an emulator like BlueStacks, which allows you to run Android apps on your computer. Here are the steps to download and play Traffic Racer on your device:

  • Go to the Google Play Store or App Store on your device and search for Traffic Racer. Alternatively, you can use the links provided below:

  • [Traffic Racer - Apps on Google Play](^1^)

  • [Traffic Racer on the App Store]

  • Tap on the Install button and wait for the app to download and install on your device.

  • Open the app and grant any permissions that it may ask for.

  • Select your preferred language from the settings menu.

  • Choose a car from the garage menu. You can also buy new cars or upgrade your existing ones with the cash you earn from the game.

  • Tap on the Play button and select a game mode and an environment to start the race.

  • Tilt your device to steer your car left or right. You can also change the control mode from the settings menu if you prefer to use touch buttons or a steering wheel.

  • Tap on the gas pedal to accelerate and on the brake pedal to slow down or reverse. You can also use the nitro boost to speed up your car by tapping on the N button.

  • Drive your car through the traffic and try to avoid collisions. The faster you drive and the closer you overtake other cars, the more points and cash you will get.

  • When you finish the race, you will see your score, cash, and distance on the screen. You can also view your rank on the online leaderboard and your achievements on the achievement menu.

Tips and tricks to master Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is a simple but challenging game that requires skill, concentration, and strategy. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you improve your performance and enjoy the game more:

Choose the right car and upgrade it

There are 40+ different cars in Traffic Racer, each with its own speed, handling, braking, and price. You should choose a car that suits your play style and budget. For example, if you like to drive fast and furious, you might want to buy a sports car or a supercar. If you prefer to drive safely and steadily, you might want to buy a sedan or a truck. You can also upgrade your car's engine, handling, brakes, and nitro to make it faster, more responsive, and more durable. Upgrading your car will also increase its value and help you unlock new cars.

Drive faster and closer to get more points and cash

The main goal of Traffic Racer is to drive as fast as possible and as close as possible to other cars without crashing. The faster you drive, the more points you will get. The closer you overtake other cars, the more bonus points and cash you will get. You can also get extra points and cash by driving in the opposite direction of the traffic in Two-Way mode, or by driving over 100 km/h in Endless mode. However, driving faster and closer also increases the risk of collisions, so you have to be careful and alert at all times.

Use different game modes and environments to challenge yourself

Traffic Racer offers five game modes and five environments that will test your skills and provide different experiences. You should try them all and find out which ones you like best. Here are some brief descriptions of each game mode and environment:

  • Endless mode: This is the default game mode where you drive as long as you can without crashing. The traffic density and speed will increase gradually as you progress. You can choose between one-way or two-way traffic.

  • Two-Way mode: This is similar to Endless mode, but you drive in the opposite direction of the traffic. This is more challenging and rewarding than Endless mode, as you will get more points and cash for driving in the wrong lane.

  • Time Trial mode: This is a timed game mode where you have to drive as far as you can in a given time limit. You can extend your time by driving fast or by collecting time bonuses on the road.

  • Police Chase mode: This is a thrilling game mode where you have to escape from the police cars that are chasing you. You have to avoid getting caught or crashing into them, as this will end your run. You can also use your nitro boost to outrun them or ram them off the road.

  • Free Ride mode: This is a relaxing game mode where you can drive freely without any rules or objectives. You can use this mode to practice your driving skills or to explore the different environments.

  • Suburb environment: This is a suburban area with houses, trees, bridges, and tunnels. The traffic is moderate and slow.

  • Desert environment: This is a desert area with sand dunes, cacti, rocks, and oases. The traffic is sparse and fast.

  • Snowy environment: This is a snowy area with snow-covered roads, mountains, pine trees, and snowmen. The traffic is dense and slow.

  • Rainy environment: This is a rainy area with wet roads, puddles, clouds, and lightning. The traffic is heavy and fast.

  • City night environment: This is a city area with skyscrapers, neon lights, and bridges. The traffic is light and fast.

Avoid collisions and police chases

One of the most important skills in Traffic Racer is to avoid collisions with other cars and obstacles. Collisions will damage your car and reduce your speed, which will affect your score and cash. If you crash too hard or too often, your car will be totaled and your run will end. You can repair your car by using the repair button on the garage menu, but this will cost you some cash. You can also avoid collisions by using the brake pedal or the nitro boost to slow down or speed up your car. Another thing to avoid in Traffic Racer is police chases. Police cars will try to catch you and stop you if you drive too fast or recklessly. If they catch up with you, they will bump into you or block your way, which will also damage your car and end your run. You can escape from them by using your nitro boost or by driving in the opposite direction of the traffic.

Alternatives to Traffic Racer

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