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Farm Heroes Super Saga: The Ultimate Guide to Growing Super Cropsies and Beating Rancid Raccoon

Farm Heroes Super Saga: A Fun and Challenging Match-3 Game

If you are looking for a fun and addictive match-3 game that will keep you entertained for hours, you should check out Farm Heroes Super Saga. This game is the sequel to the popular Farm Heroes Saga, and it offers more switcher fun, bigger Cropsies, and new game modes. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Farm Heroes Super Saga, including its features, tips, and tricks. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the game.


What is Farm Heroes Super Saga?

Farm Heroes Super Saga is a match-3 puzzle game developed by King, the makers of Candy Crush Saga and other hit games. The game is available for free on Android, iOS, and Facebook. The game has over 10 million downloads on Google Play and a 4.6-star rating from more than 1 million reviews.

farm heroes super saga

The game follows the story of the Farm Heroes, a group of cute animals who live in a rural farm. Their peaceful life is threatened by Rancid Raccoon, a sneaky villain who wants to win all the Country Shows and claim the prize money for himself. He cheats by using artificial Cropsies, which are fruits and vegetables that grow on the farm. The Farm Heroes need your help to defeat Rancid and restore harmony to the farm.

How to play Farm Heroes Super Saga?

The gameplay of Farm Heroes Super Saga is similar to other match-3 games. You have to swipe your finger on the screen to match at least three Cropsies of the same type. When you match four or more Cropsies, you create Super Cropsies, which are bigger and more powerful. You can also match different shapes of Cropsies, such as squares or L-shapes, to create special effects.

The game has hundreds of levels, each with a different goal and layout. Some levels require you to collect a certain number of Cropsies, while others require you to clear obstacles or defeat Rancid. You have a limited number of moves to complete each level, so you have to plan your moves carefully. You can also use boosters and companions, which are special items or animals that can help you in various ways.

Features of Farm Heroes Super Saga

Bigger and better Cropsies

One of the main features of Farm Heroes Super Saga is that it introduces bigger and better Cropsies. These are larger versions of the regular Cropsies that have more value and can trigger more effects. For example, a Super Strawberry can clear an entire row or column of Cropsies, while a Super Watermelon can explode and clear nearby Cropsies.

To create Super Cropsies, you have to match four or more Cropsies of the same type in a straight line or a square. The more Cropsies you match, the bigger the Super Cropsie will be. You can also combine two or more Super Cropsies to create even more powerful effects.

New game modes and challenges

Farm Heroes Super Saga also offers new game modes and challenges that make the game more fun and diverse. Some of the new game modes are:

  • Country Show: This is a special event that occurs every few levels. You have to collect as many Super Cropsies as possible in a limited time to win medals and prizes.

  • Boss Battle: This is where you face Rancid Raccoon in a one-on-one match. You have to match Cropsies to lower his health bar and make him run away.

  • Windmill: This is a new element that can change the direction of the wind on the board. The wind can move the Cropsies to different positions, creating new opportunities or challenges.

  • Nutcracker: This is a new obstacle that can block your moves. You have to crack the nuts by matching Cropsies next to them or using boosters.

Online leaderboards and social features

Farm Heroes Super Saga also lets you compete and interact with other players online. You can connect the game to your Facebook account and see how your friends are doing on the leaderboards. You can also send and receive lives and gifts from your friends, or challenge them to beat your scores.

Additionally, you can join a Farm Club, which is a group of players who share a common interest or goal. You can chat with your club members, exchange tips and tricks, and participate in club events and quests. You can also earn club points and rewards by playing the game and helping your club.

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Tips and tricks for Farm Heroes Super Saga

How to grow Super Cropsies?

As we mentioned earlier, Super Cropsies are very useful and valuable in the game. They can help you achieve your goals faster and score higher points. However, they are not easy to create, especially in some levels where the board is crowded or limited. Here are some tips on how to grow Super Cropsies:

  • Look for opportunities to match four or more Cropsies in a straight line or a square. Sometimes, you may have to make a few moves to set up the right position.

  • Use the windmill to your advantage. The windmill can move the Cropsies around, creating new possibilities for matching. You can also change the direction of the wind by tapping on the windmill.

  • Use boosters and companions wisely. Boosters are items that can help you in various ways, such as clearing obstacles, shuffling the board, or creating Super Cropsies. Companions are animals that can assist you with their special abilities, such as collecting Cropsies, removing Rancid's artificial Cropsies, or boosting Super Cropsies. You can earn boosters and companions by playing the game or buying them with real money.

How to use boosters and companions?

Boosters and companions are very helpful in Farm Heroes Super Saga, but they are also limited and expensive. You should use them only when you really need them, or when you want to boost your score or progress. Here are some tips on how to use boosters and companions:

  • Choose the right booster or companion for the level. Each level has a different goal and layout, so you should pick the booster or companion that suits the situation best. For example, if you need to clear nuts, you can use the shovel booster or the squirrel companion. If you need to collect more Super Cropsies, you can use the super fruit booster or the dog companion.

  • Use them at the right time. Timing is everything when it comes to using boosters and companions. You should use them when they can have the most impact or when you are running out of moves. For example, if you have a lot of Super Cropsies on the board, you can use the super fruit booster or the dog companion to collect them all at once. If you are close to beating Rancid, you can use the color collector booster or the cat companion to lower his health bar quickly.

  • Save them for later levels. As you progress in the game, the levels will become harder and more challenging. You may need more boosters and companions to complete them. Therefore, it is wise to save some of them for later levels, especially if you are stuck or frustrated.

How to beat Rancid Raccoon?

Rancid Raccoon is the main antagonist of Farm Heroes Super Saga, and he will try to stop you from winning the Country Shows. He will appear in some levels as a boss battle, where you have to match Cropsies to lower his health bar and make him run away. Here are some tips on how to beat Rancid Raccoon:

  • Focus on matching Cropsies that have his face on them. These are his artificial Cropsies, and they will damage him more than regular Cropsies.

  • Create and combine Super Cropsies as much as possible. Super Cropsies will also damage him more than regular Cropsies, especially if they are of the same type as his artificial Crops ies.

Use boosters and companions that can help you against Rancid. Some boosters and companions can remove his artificial Cropsies, lower his health bar, or prevent him from cheating. For example, you can use the color collector booster or the cat companion to clear all the Cropsies of one color. You can also use the egg cracker booster or the chicken companion to crack his eggs and stop him from hatching more artificial Cro


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